Death and the Blind Tiger

Who wanted New York’s most wealthy bachelor dead?
Who didn’t?
Ellsworth Connolly left a trail of jilted women, outraged husbands, and disgruntled business associates in his wake wherever he went, so it was no surprise when he was found shot through the head in his own parlor. Was was a surprise was when Max Hurlock revived a package from Connolly containing only a blindfolded ceramic tiger…two days after Connolly was murdered.

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Blindtiger award

Death and the Blind Tiger has just recently been awarded the Gold Medal for best mystery by the Global eBook Awards.

As New York’s resident card expert and wealthy man about town in the 1920s, Ellsworth Connelly was living a riotous bachelor life and leaving a string of disappointed women and the occasional outraged husband in his wake. But the good life came to a sudden end one morning when his housekeeper found him seated in his sitting room with a bullet through his head. A few days later a mysterious fugitive shows up on Max and Allison’s doorstep begging Max to investigate and clear him of police suspicions. So the Hurlocks travel to New York City and encounter speakeasies, bootleggers, theater people, a soon to be famous Jazz musician, Prohibition police, and the denizens of the Algonquin Round Table. They’re a long way from St Michaels and an even longer way from a solution to a case with too many suspects and too few answers.
Max runs afoul of some powerful New York bootleggers while Allison enters the surprisingly rough and tumble world of the New York literati by an encounter with Dorothy Parker. There are suspects aplenty and just as many reasons one of them might have killed Connolly. Max and Allison have to sort it all out in a mad round of speakeasies, dubious characters, and sordid goings-on.

Based on the real-life, still-unsolved murder of Joseph Elwell in 1920, Death and the Blind Tiger takes you to the glamorous and dangerous world of Roaring 20s New York City.


Dorothy Parker and some Algonquin Round Table members


Duke Ellington