Flanagan and the Crown of Mexico

Meet Tyler Flanagan, son of Irish immigrants and reluctant agent for Secretary of State William Seward during the Civil War. Sent to Mexico to influence both the Mexicans and the French invaders, Flanagan is soon entangled with two armies, feuding generals, Mexican nationalists, an Emperor, Confederate renegades, and several very alluring but dangerous woman. With everyone wanting something from him, it will take more than blarney and a strong sense of self-preservation for Flanagan to get back in one piece.

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Flanagan and the Crown of Mexico has been awarded the Gold Medal for best Historical Literature Fiction (1500-1940 period) by the Global eBook Awards.

Based on the amazing true story of the invasion of Mexico by the French during our Civil War, Flanagan and the Crown of Mexico will take you from the streets of Baltimore to the desert camp of Juarez to the Mexico City Palace of Maximilian. Along the way you will meet Benito Juarez the wily and determined President of Mexico, Maximilian, the Austrian who was made Mexican Emperor, his alluring wife Carlota, and a host of other fascinating historical figures. The only thing they all have in common is that they all want to rule Mexico. All Flanagan wants to do, on the other hand, is to get back to the United States with his skin intact. With so many people south of the border gunning for him, he’ll need all the blarney he can muster, not to mention the luck of the Irish.






Empress Carlota